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JConcepts Titanium SC10 12mm Hex Conversion Front Axle Set - Hobby Shop

JConcepts Titanium SC10 12mm Hex Conversion Front Axle Set

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  • ASC9880: Team Associated Hex Steering Block Set 
  • 12mm Front Hex Wheels
  • 12mm Front Hex Adapters
  • This is the JConcepts Titanium 12mm Hex Conversion Front Axle Set, and is intended for use with Team Associated SC10 short course trucks equipped with the Team Associated Hex Steering Block Set (ASC9880). One of the best upgrades you can make to the Team Associated line of vehicles is a conversion to 12mm hex wheels. JConcepts has been on top of this conversion since its introduction with hex adapters and Mono wheels. A critical point of the conversion revolves around the front axle and surrounding geometry. Within the steering block the space is very tight and especially between the 2 front bearings where the front axles rest between the bearing bores in 1 plane and the king pin in the perpendicular plane.